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Monday, October 11, 2010

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I received three entries for my first contest. I'd hoped for a bigger turnout, but maybe next time. :D For being off-the-cuff, all three are great poems. In the order I received them, here they are.

By Jai Joshi
Moonlight glinting off scales,
teeth shining like stars,
they sail through the air
watching the world.

Wisdom of ages
resides in ancient minds.
Passed on to humans
Deemed worthy of knowing.

Air whispers their names,
Wind brushes their bodies,
Flames of inner fire,
lighting the way.

From whose mouth is it spoken?
Who dares tell the truth?
That we are students of the flames
that watch the world.

By Kaycee Looney
Dark eyes etched with grace and wisdom.
Regality apparent in every slip of scale.
Arise from the shadows of myth,
Great beasts of lore, and claim your place
On imagination’s rugged landscape, where
None can equal your prowess and
Sing your victory to the realms of fantasy.

By Rebecca Hart
Azuranna's Library

The great blue dragon, Azuranna said to me,
come into the library, and you will see
magical stories of myth and lore.
Be you young or old,
there are adventures galore.

Just open a book and let your imagination run,
so many places to go full of glorious fun.

But never forget as your adventures unfold,
what intelligent words Azuranna once told.

Stay in school, do your chores, and read a lot,
and maybe someday the mighty dragon will reveal her story's plot.

Aren't they wonderful? I think I love them too much to pick a single winner. So all three of you ladies will get a bookmark with your print. Just email me your address and what color bookmark you'd like. It'll take me a few hours to make each one, so the sooner you tell me the color, the sooner I can make it.

Reading list update: I've finished The Iron King and First Rider's Call. Both were fabulous and make me want the next books.


Emily White said...

They *are* wonderful! I tried Jaleh, I really did, but all the poems I came up with were downright awful. I couldn't stomach the idea of posting them.

Congratulations to the three ladies!

Jai Joshi said...


I choose... Blue! I'll email you my address.


Jaleh D said...

Aww, Em. I would have liked to read them anyway. Even if you just emailed them to me. Then I could have bopped you on the head and told you that you were being silly. Hehe.

I'll get started on your bookmark tomorrow, Jai. :D

Looneywriter said...

I've been away from the blogosphere for longer than I expected.

YAY! I get a bookmark. :-)

I thought I had your email, but I can't seem to find it. :-( I'll PM you on the WD forum.

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