10th Kingdom/Mamma Mia crossover

Friday, April 8, 2011

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I was going to attempt a blog hop today, but the one I was watching for hasn't posted the topic yet. So, since I still want to offer something for today, here's something I ran across this evening: clips from 10th Kingdom set to Mamma Mia. I'd been trying to find one of those fan vids, but pretty much everything I'd seen gives away too much of the ending. This one didn't; it's just fun. The song is performed by the A *Teens.

If you haven't seen the 10th Kingdom, you should. The story is fantabulous. It's well worth the 417 minutes to sit through the whole mini series. And watching it on DVD will spare you the agony I had when it came out and being forced to wait a week between each segment. Here is the trailer:

The show more than lived up to the promise. If you need more of a teaser, here is one of my favorite songs from it. It's gorgeous and acted as one of the strongest hooks to pull me in at the beginning.


Emily White said...

I love love LOVE The 10th Kingdom! I actually own it! And the theme song in the beginning totally inspired Tales of Morcah!

Okay, now I have an urge to watch it again. :)

Jaleh D said...

10th Kingdom is one of my favorites, too. I may have to pop my copy in sometime this week. Too bad it isn't really little kid appropriate. It'd be fun to hang out together to watch it.

Brandi Guthrie said...

I loved this too! It's on my Wish List at Amazon, actually. One day...sigh. Lol.

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