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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Since many of my fellow bloggers have been talking about summer goals, I came up with some for myself. By the end of August 31:

I will write 60,000 words towards one or more stories. That's an average of 652 words/day, entirely doable for me, even with the days I know I won't have much time to write, such as my birthday this month and the family picnic next month. (Write on those days at all? Mmm, probably not.)

I will get my craft business underway. Writing is slow and painstaking, and my family could use some extra money coming in now. If I can make some without having to go anywhere but the store and the post office, I can stay home to write. And crafts make a nice change of pace from the storytelling.

I will stay positive about my work and not let anyone convince me it's worthless. Okay, so that's an ongoing intangible thing rather than something concrete I can point to as saying I accomplished it. But it is an important thing to remind myself about.

Anybody else have any goals for this summer?


Emily White said...

Those are wonderful goals!! I'm sure you'll accomplish them!

My goals for this summer are to really get to working on Elemental #2, kick butt at revisions for Elemental #1, and basically not go crazy. I've got so many things going on this summer, I almost feel like my brain is going to preemptively fry just thing thinking about it!

Jaleh D said...

*gasp* Elemental #2? You're doing a sequel? Should I go squeee now? (No goin crazy here. Crazy is tough to scrape off stone, and the troll complains about the smell.) Best wishes on your goals, too!

Jake said...

You have some very ambitious goals, but I guess that's what keeps us coming back to see what you are up to all the time. I hope summer treats you well.

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