ROW 80: Check-In 7/10/11

Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Sorry that I didn't do much on Blogger at all this week. It's been crazy here with getting my father-in-law packed up for his new contract job (he'll be gone for a year, aside from breaks) and helping Mom-in-law with "spring" cleaning (not done yet, but getting there). I also did lots of weeding in the front garden. It was overrun with clover.

This meant I didn't get as much accomplished on my writing as I'd intended. So many house projects needed done that I felt bad sitting at my computer when they were working on the list. The past few days have had zero writing time, but at least I wasn't goofing off. Earlier in the week, I did get my daily hour in, but it was hard to stay focused with various interruptions.

The chapter I'd been working on for almost a month is finally done, but I'm going to try writing it again. After looking back over my chapter goals in my plotline, the chapter doesn't match, and what I'd intended makes more sense than what I wrote. The chapter has great stuff in it. My crit group has said that the characters are cool, the tensions interesting, and the woman's backstory revealed in this part fits smoothly. But it's off track. I think that's why the characterizations have been so hard to keep a grip on.

However, it's still useful. I have the woman's backstory in her words and I have some judgements from the old man. I may end up keeping it and then tweaking to fit better, but I want to see what else I can come up with. Most writing advice would say to leave it and just keep charging forward, but this part has critical moments between the two characters. I can't just leave it unless I have the what-happens and what-is-said pegged right. Those matter to how much the two main characters learn about each other, which will affect how chapter 3 plays out.

I'm off to get as much done as I can on the alternate version of chapter 2 before supper. Later tonight, I'll start reading through the blogs I've missed this week and stop by some of the other ROW 80 check-ins. Thanks to those of you who came by on my first check-in.


tiffanyawhite said...

Congrats on finishing the chapter and best of luck moving forward. I look forward to future updates. :)

Lauren Garafalo said...

The important thing is that you seem to know exactly what needs to happen, so if you can fix it now, then go right ahead! Less that has to be done later. Good luck this week with writing and everything else going on!

Lisa Rose said...

Congrats on finishing that chapter! I'm sure you'll figure out what fits best. I can't wait to see what you come up with for those two, they're extremely entertaining to read so I'm sure it'll be awesome. Good luck with this week!

Joshua said...

I had my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday writing times hijacked. Friday was a very good time, so it has been forgiven. Saturday and yesterday though? They're on the bad list.

alberta ross said...

well done on getting anything written with so much going on - all the best for this week

Sonia G Medeiros said...

congrats on finishing the chapter! That's a good feeling. I'm sure you'll nail next week's goals too. :D

Jaleh D said...

Thanks for stopping by!

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