ROW 80: Round 1 of 2012: Goals

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Round 1 of ROW 80 has already begun, but I jumped in with some writing before working on my goals this past week, plus I worked on some other non-writing related projects. I'm going very modest on my goals this round. In addition to writing and reading, I'm trying to do more crafting, so I need to give myself time for that as well.

Warmup goal: write 100 words every day. Even when I feel like crud, I can usually scrape out that much.

Read one new book a week. New to me that is, but I'll try to get some new releases in here and there as well. I have a huge list of TBRs to get through that is growing faster than I can knock it down. My over all reading goal for the year is 75 books, but that can include old favorites with the new ones. This will give me more books to write reviews on for this blog, something I feel I need to get back to doing again on a regular basis.

Spend 10 mins a day exercising. Super modest but doable. This is more to build a daily routine since I can boogie for an hour to my favorite music, but it's not a daily thing yet.

I'll probably adjust these and/or add new ones in about a month, but this will be a good start.


stephseclecticinterests said...

I agree...a very good start.

And wow! 75 books...That's incredible. Good for you.

All the best with your reading, writing, fitness, and other goals.

Have a great round - and a great year.

yikici said...


You have identified great yet sensible goals (which is what ROW80 is all about). Great to see you joined us,hope to catch-up again. Good luck!

Jaleh D said...

Thanks to both of you. I'm doing well so far. I hit my goals yesterday, and today I'm off to the library to look for some of the books on my TBR list.

Nadja Notariani said...

Hi, Jaleh! Glad to see you back for another Round! Sometimes it's best to set modest goals to build routine, like you mentioned, but also to set up a pattern of success. A taste of success whets the appetite for more of the same, I believe.
What is your current WIP? What genre will you focus on as your work through your 75 books?

Jaleh D said...

My current WIP is my trogg and wizard story. The characters are a lot of fun. The trogg is a young woman under a curse, and the wizard is hiding from his past, refusing to do magic anymore.

I mostly read spec fic, but I plan to work in some more writing craft books, some mystery, and some assorted non-fiction reference books as well.

Kari Wolfe said...

Definitely a great start! And there's nothing wrong with setting modest goals -- I think the idea is simply just to plug ahead, regardless of speed :) Have a great week!

Lisa Rose said...

Good luck on this round of ROW80! I remember reading a bit of your trogg and wizard story, definitely fun!

Joshua said...

I think I should have made my main goal to write at least 100 words a day instead of writing for 30 minutes. Oops. Keeps me motivated, though. I don't like failing goals.

Tia Bach said...

Going easy on yourself is a gift, and a trait I need to work on. I overwhelm myself and then feel compelled to live up to my insane goals.

Will you be sharing your crafts? I hope so!

Looking forward to following your progress this round!

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