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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Just wanted to let you all know, I just got back from the most amazing place: the Bazaar on Deva. I believe P.T. Barnum described it best: "The wonders of the ages assembled for your edification, education, and enjoyment--for a price." (chapter 17 header) You had better be prepared to haggle fiercely. Be sure to check often that you haven't lost any arms or legs. And if you think you got a good deal, be wary. Those Deveels are wily sharpsters. And don't feed a dragon (or let it nibble your clothes) unless you are buying it; they become attached after feeding.

Ok, so I didn't really go anywhere physically. I picked up a book. Robert Asprin's Another Fine Myth, book one of an entertaining fantasy series. The tagline on the cover is "Take the universe as it is. Add devils, dragons, and magic. Then stand back." My addition would be: "and let the hilarity ensue."

The Myth books follow Skeeve, Aahz and other friends they pick up along the way. Skeeve begins as a magician's apprentice on Klah. Yes, that means he's a Klahd, poor kid. To motivate Skeeve into practicing more, Garkin sets up a demonstration. He will summon a demon: powerful, cruel, and vicious. Too bad for Skeeve that his master is a bit of a practical joker. Too bad for Garkin that an assassin from his old enemy, Isstvan, finds him in the middle of the summons.

Skeeve is left facing a green scaled, purple tongued demon. One who finds his panicked reaction highly amusing. After explaining that he was an old buddy of Garkin's and that being a demon simply meant dimension traveler--the summoning being a joke between them--Aahz takes control of investigating Garkin's murder. And then finds out the joke had been on him as well. Garkin had taken away Aahz's powers during the summoning. And all Skeeve can do is levitate small objects and light a candle, barely. What's a Prevect to do? Why, take over the training of a fledgling magician, of course.

Imps, Deveels, and dragons, oh my. Can Skeeve learn magik fast enough to survive an angry mob, merchants on Deva, and a demon intent on dimension domination? Read Another Fine Myth to find out. Oh and watch out for Gleep's breath. To say that Skeeve's pet baby dragon has bad breath is an understatement.


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