Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Welcome to the library of the dragon.

I have a long standing passion with fantasy and science fiction. Music, art, books, movies, whatever the art form, there is something alluring about delving into the mystique of strange worlds. Even the ones very much like our own have their own remarkability.

Here you will topics ranging from reviews of F/SF works, biographies of those who craft them, the creation process, and features of our own history, culture, and science that catch my eye which may provide a source of inspiration for other followers of fantasy and science fiction.

Be careful not to step on the sprites while you peruse the shelves; they tend to get giddy when visitors arrive. Spacesuits will be waiting by the portal to other dimensions should you need them. And you are always welcome to join the dragon for tea.


Jenn Lidster said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. :)

Lydia Sharp said...

Beautiful, Jaleh! I've never had tea with a dragon before. Thanks!

Emily White said...

Jaleh, I'm really sorry, but I accidentally stepped on a sprite when I came in. Who knew such little things could be so explosive! *wipes sprite juice off of shirt* That's gonna stain. :)


Wandering-Quill said...


lol, only you Emily, only you.


Awesome blog, Jaleh! Can't wait to read your posts. :)

Lydia Sharp said...


Jaleh D said...

Thanks for the kind words from all you.

@Em Happens every month. I'll send an elf around to clean up the aisle. The dryad by the cave entrance will remove that sprite stain if you compliment her tree.

@Lydia We keep an assortment of teas from around the multiverse, and the brownies keep the snack platter full. Come anytime.

Abigail said...

Hey, Jaleh! Just figured I'd follow you. :)

Jai Joshi said...

Jaleh, I don't know where my comment went. I'm sure I commented here to say hi. Hmmm..

Good to see you have a blog. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.


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