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Monday, May 10, 2010

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Emily White over at Stepping Into Fantasy gave me the Love Award a few months ago. She had some sweet things to say about my blog, though her mention of my new post every week makes me feel guilty for not keeping up. After all, that is my goal. I'll try to do better.

I've been taking the time to think of who I want to honor with this award. In many ways, awards tend to become popularity contests or just passed to the same people each time by default. I don't want anyone to get one from me and wonder if I meant it. And awards are to honor someone or highlight someone that the other readers may not know yet. Most of you are pretty well cross-linked to each other, so that aspect makes it more difficult to choose.

Why not go discover a new favorite for one of my awardees?

Since most of the blogs I follow are writing-related, I decided to go hunting for some blogs on a different theme: crafting, one of my many hobbies. Craft Test Dummies is now on my list to follow. This blog reviews craft products, offers crafting ideas, and was named one of the top ten crafting blogs to follow by Barb Webb from From what I've seen so far, it certainly is worth checking out. From tricking out boring bike helmets to a review of Eco Green Crafts acrylic paint (something I may have to see if I can get) to a myriad of ways to craft greener, this blog deserves a bit of Love from my writing and parenting friends. You never know where your next idea may come from.

Another new favorite is a blog I discovered thanks to a couple other bloggers: Hyperbole and a Half. This blog always makes me laugh--out loud and often. So much that my son comes over and asks why I'm laughing so hard. Allie's stories are accompanied by the most hilarious stick drawings I've seen since The Order of the Stick. If you aren't already following this blog, you should. It'll brighten your day.

Another blog award Emily has given me is You Are My Sunshine award for supportive commenters. This one is a little harder to figure out who to pass it on to. I'm building up a readership, but few are commenting yet. *sad face* But in looking over the last half dozen posts, one name does crop up. Well two actually, but since Emily is the one who handed me this award, I'm not doing a tag-back. The other person who has most often commented is Jai Joshi at Jai Joshi's Tulsi Tree. She is a sunshiney person with a lovely blog. Thanks so much for reading.

Even though comments have been sparse at times, I am picking up some new readers. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right. I'm thinking of doing something fun when I reach 50 followers. Most people wait for 100, but since I'm an unsteady poster and still manage to pick up some new folks, I'm too excited to wait that long. Stay tuned to find out what I'm going to do.


Emily White said...

It's always exciting to get new followers! I look forward to the "something fun." :)

Emily White said...

Oh, and Hyperbole and a Half is freaking awesome! I love that blog. Seriously. Too funny.

Jai Joshi said...

Congratulations on all your award, Jaleh! And thanks for giving me one. You're a doll and guess what? You have an award at my blog.


Jaleh D said...

Wow! Another one already? Thanks to you both. I'll put that new award up later today, Jai. :D I love your happy-list.

Brad said...

Congrats, Jaleh!

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