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Monday, June 21, 2010

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Now that school has let out, my summer job is giving me many more hours than I expected (close to 35 instead of 14-21), so I'm not going to be able to post as often. I'm planning to continue posting on Wednesdays, since that's coming off my weekend.

I'm not sure whether to maintain Filk Fridays. They're easy enough for me to do, but I haven't been getting much of a response from them. A few of you chime in each Friday to say you liked the week's song, but for the most part, all I hear is the band of crickets playing their fiddles outside my window. I'd been hoping to get more than just a few people saying "I like it." I'd like to know what the songs make you think about, what your favorite lines are (if you have one), and if there's anything you hope to see in the future. I thought that Dream Rider at least would bring a bigger response with its lively measures and uplifting message.

I'd like to hear from you. Tell me what you think about Filk Fridays specifically and my blog in general. Is there anything you'd like to see more of, anything new you'd like me to add, what you like, what you think I could do better with (dodges overripe tomato), and any other comments. I'm up for covering most anything on this blog as long as it relates to spec fic somehow. After all, I'm a generalist: knowledgeable in many areas, expert in none.

Check in this Wednesday for my thoughts on spec fic and what it means to me. I'll be looking forward to hearing about what it means to all of you as well. (That's why I'm telling you now, so you can start thinking about it.) Lengthy responses are just as welcome as brief ones. Both now and in the future.


Jai Joshi said...

I know that I've been useless for the last few weeks so I'm sorry about that. I've just spent the better part of the one hour I had online fighting with the megabus website.

I will try to be better and see what's on your filk fridays.


Jaleh D said...

That's okay, Jai. Your adventures didn't leave you much time for getting online. I wouldn't have been on much either if I'd been there, even if access had been easier. Your trip sounded fantastic.

I'm just trying to make some improvements, so I can build a stronger readership. Contests are fun for spurts of interest, and I'll probably have one sometime this summer, but I need solid input to help me figure out how to encourage readers to keep coming back and sharing their opinions. I have 34 followers, but only a smallish percentage of you are even reading my posts based on my interpretation of the analytics. Not everyone can read everything all of the time (I certainly can't), but I'd like to improve my reader percentage. More readers generally lead to more comments. More comments often lead to more discussions.

Brad said...

I'm trying to achieve the same thing at my blog, so I understand what you're talking about.

I really enjoy the Filk Fridays. It's a form of music that I've always known about, but never really experienced, so I've been enjoying seeing that world. If you discontinue FF, please feel free to e-mail me stuff that you think is cool.

I also truly enjoy your book reviews. I haven't been able to read any of your recommendations yet (alas and alack, no money or time have I), but just about everything you've mentioned is now on my future read list.

You've been to a couple of Ren Fairs, right? How about some posts about that? That's something that I've ALWAYS wanted to do, but have never been able to (there's one going on for the next two weekends in Emminence, Ky, but I can't afford to go), and I would love to read more info about things like that from someone who's actually experienced them.

Anywho, I've always enjoyed your blog, and will continue to enjoy it.

Jaleh D said...

Thanks, Brad, for the compliments and suggestions. I'd be glad to talk about Ren Faire. I was thinking the other day about talking about the SCA and larping, so that goes along with that. I can dig up pictures, too, got some cute ones of my son's first Faire.

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