Filk Friday: SCA filk from Joe Bethancourt

Friday, July 23, 2010

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Since this week is about the SCA, and also a nod to the Pennsic Wars, I thought I'd share these gems I found with you.

I'll See Your Six
is sung by Joe Bethancourt at Pennsic in 1999. I knew his name from some of the filk I already have but hadn't realized he was also a member of the SCA. Fun things you discover sometimes.

This song is about a lady walking the streets on NYC at night and running into someone who wanted to rob her and got more than he bargained for. The final verses made me literally laugh out loud. I'll have to look up more about the song now. It sounds like it may have been about an actual person and event. Either way, the song made a well-told story.

Another funny one from Joe sung at the same event. I hadn't meant to add another, but then I made the mistake of clicking related-videos and found myself chuckling over this spoof song called Mongol Doodle Dandy. (I think you can guess its original song.) Short and hilarious!


Jai Joshi said...

The bit where the chain mail came up in the story had me smiling. Then the "I'll see your six and raise you 35" made me laugh out loud!


Jaleh D said...

Hehe. Yes, I loved that part. I can imagine the look of shock on the guy's face when he saw the sword and the panic that set it when he realized he was over-matched.

Brad said...


Oh, this was great!!

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