I miss Mondays, and a not-so-random filk

Sunday, July 25, 2010

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First the filk. This is a great one for the SF-loving parent. A what-not-to-do song to sing to the children, SF style. Though if your kids are the sort to take suggestions easily, even from warnings, you may wish to pass. ;D Here is Never Set the Cat On Fire by Frank Hayes. My favorite verse is the last one.

The missing Mondays part. I should mention that Monday is more like my Saturday, since the park I work at for the summer is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, aside from holidays. But since I put in so many hours, I haven't had time to write up Monday posts. That's why I took Mondays off for the summer. However, I've missed writing the extra posts. With filk on Fridays, that just leaves Wednesdays for everything else. Sigh. I may or may not add Mondays back in early, but I will definitely be back on my M-W-F schedule in September, though Labor Day will still be off.


Brad said...

Heh heh...no, I can't let Blake hear this.
Hunter? Ok.
But I can just envision Blake's eyes lighting up at the new ideas.
Good stuff!

Jaleh D said...

This is the one I was also considering when I posted the Monster's Lullaby. I was going to post it this past Filk Friday but forgot and posted the SCA ones instead. But the SCA ones fit the week's theme, so I decided to just post this one on a random day.

Brandi G. said...

I worry about the children who've considered setting a cat on fire. Can you say, "sociopath?"

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