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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Friday was the one-year anniversary of the dragon's library being opened to guests. No big explosions or rampaging trolls to mark the occasion, though Azuranna would like to thank the dedicated pawful of visitors who have walked among her shelves and said hello to the fairies. She had hoped for at least a small village to take up residence nearby, but even the few of you have brightened her century.

In honor of the occasion, the library is getting some renovation over the next couple weeks. Watch for changes made and let us know what you think. I've set the pixies to work on determining colors, while the ogres ready their pickaxes to create a catalog room. There might be some other things I'll do around here to make it more inviting. Maybe a dining room?

As part of the celebrations, I am holding my first contest. (It seems the thing to do, isn't it?) As an ode to my favorite mythical creature, write a short poem about dragons in general or specifically about Azuranna, the great blue dragon librarian who is our host. Submissions are open between now and October 8. Post them in the comments here. I'll announce the winner on October 11. Since so many people are giving away books lately, the winner will receive a crocheted bookmark in their favorite color, a useful accompaniment for booklovers.

Since a party is more fun when more people show up, I'm passing out party favors. Everyone who participates in the contest will receive a 5x7 print of my first dragon drawing as seen on one of my early posts. Being a follower is not required. (Though new people will be gleefully welcomed.)

(I hadn't realized how much I missed the whimsy I started the blog with until I wrote this post. I hope you will all participate to help keep it going.)

In addition the contest and renovations, I've already picked up a couple guest visits to the dragon's library. What a great way to begin my second year of blogging. On October 20th, Janice Hardy will be passing through on her blog tour in celebration of her October 5th release of Blue Fire: book 2 of the Healing Wars trilogy. (My copy is already pre-ordered; I'm so excited!) Then in early November, Juliette Wade will be here. Her third Analog story comes out November 7, with cover art no less. These two lovely ladies are fantastic authors and bloggers. I hope you will give them a warm welcome.


Emily White said...

Happy Anniversary! But why, oh why did it have to be a poem? Sigh. I will try my best, but you will laugh. :P

Jai Joshi said...

Jaleh, Happy Anniversary! It's lovely to know that you've started something and stuck with it for so long. And look how the blog has blossomed and developed!

I'm nervous about writing a dragon poem! I don't think I've ever done one before...


Jaleh D said...

That's what is so great about this contest. Joining in is more important than being the best. (Even though winning is fun, too.) Just have fun with it. :D

Brad said...

A dragon poem, eh?
Allow my gears to turn a bit...

Looneywriter said...

Ok, since you said to post the poems here in the comments - Behold! my entry. ;-)

Dark eyes etched with grace and wisdom.

Regality apparent in every slip of scale.

Arise from the shadows of myth

Great beasts of lore, and claim your place

On imagination’s rugged landscape, where

None can equal your prowess and

Sing your victory to the realms of fantasy.

Rebecca Hart said...

Ok - Will give this a go. But I am terrible with poems, just so you are aware going in. Went in for the whimsical. *shrugs*

Azuranna's Library

The great blue dragon, Azuranna said to me,
come into the library, and you will see
magical stories of myth and lore.
Be you young or old,
there are adventures galore.

Just open a book and let your imagination run,
so many places to go full of glorious fun.

But never forget as your adventures unfold, what intelligent words Azuranna once told.

"Stay in school, do your chores, and read alot, and maybe someday the mighty dragon will reveal her story's plot.

Rob said...

Happy one year blogging, Jaleh! I am currently in a school for Uncle Sam, and I haven't had the chance to write for you, although I wanted to. I will look forward to other chances in the future to show off my poetic skills!

Jaleh D said...

Thanks to those who entered. I'll do another contest sometime. :D

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