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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Sorry for having nothing posted in over a week. Thanksgiving was way too busy with people getting sick just long enough to prevent them from taking their trip, totally hosing all of my plans for a quiet house.

My son is a kid, and he has a right to some of my attention, but when everyone is doing projects or watching tv, I can't just sit down and write. The tv is too distracting (I've only learned how to tune out Disney Playhouse and Nick Jr); and I get guilted for sitting at the computer when there's house projects that must-be-done. Yeah, lots of cleaning, furniture rearranging, and the folks' annual dragging-out-the-Christmas-stuff. I know my son enjoys it, but it's not my holiday. I had nowhere to escape it.

The cleaning I still have left is more of the rip-the-room-apart-to-find-____, especially when it's because other people move things that I've put down (because it looks like clutter). Right now it's trying to figure out where my son's library book went that he checked out a couple weeks ago, since tomorrow is his library day. I last saw it when I put it on his desk with his library bag. Not there now, nor is it on the shelf with his own books. Really makes me want to scream sometimes. I hate hate hate not being able to find things, and other people moving things without telling me drives me bananas. How am I supposed to know if someone else moved it or if I just forgot that I moved it myself? Because I've done that: swear that I know I put something in __ place, but when I find it somewhere else finally, that's when I remember, oh yeah, I took it here when I did this. Grrrrrr.

I know I'm a pendulum between cluttered and organized, but I expect to find things where I left them. Is that too much to ask?

I'm trying to be a writer, but since I have no private place to work, would it be rude if I told everyone to go away, get out of the house?

I'm going to face this again later this month, just like I did over Thanksgiving break, and I'm feeling invaded even though it isn't my house. The holiday broke my stride, and now I'm stumbling to get back into my writing pace.


Emily White said...

Jaleh, I wish we lived closer to each other! Then we could totally go to the library together or Panera Bread to write. Sometimes you just need to get away.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry things were rough for you! The holidays can be rough with everyone crowding your space.

Jai Joshi said...

I know just how you feel, Jaleh. It can be torture when everyone's underfoot and there's constant noise and housework and no one being very helpful about it.

I always feel a little grumpy around the holidays too. It's usual so don't feel too guilty about it.


Looneywriter said...

Just go out to "run errands" and sneak away to write. ;-)

Sorry you were so stressed, Jaleh.

Jaleh D said...

The problem with that had been that there was no place quiet to sneak off to. Holidays make every place crowded and noisy. Or closed, like the library.

I'll have to see what I can manage for Christmas. But this time I'll be expecting the house to be busy. Thanksgiving irritated me, because the house was supposed to be empty and wasn't. And I was on a deadline of sorts.

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