Dragonforce and Final Fantasy X/X-2

Monday, November 22, 2010

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Final Fantasy X and X-2 are a couple of my favorites in the FF line of games. I'll probably end up doing a post about them sometime in the future. Here's a couple of my favorite videos from them set to music from Dragonforce: Starfire and Where Dragons Rule. My other favorite, Dawn Over a New World, got taken off, and I don't have time to see if someone else has done one for that song. Just wanted to do something fun and quick, since I didn't get any writing done yesterday thanks to feeling vaguely ill most of the day and working a full shift at work. Enjoy!


Where Dragons Rule

I really wish that they hadn't done the speed metal thing in Where Dragons Rule after the beginning part. That was beautiful, and the speed drumming masks the good stuff in the rest of the song. I think the percussion could have been eased off and still kept the energy. But I love the song enough that it doesn't bug me too much. I just sing louder. Hehe. "In this land we've defended from all things dark and cruel, now we're defenseless in a land where dragons rule!" Raaaa!!


Emily White said...

Very nice, Jaleh! I love waking up to good music!

Jaleh D said...

It's kind of funny, because even though I decided last night that I was going to post those songs, I had to listen to them this morning. And that put me in a rock mood. So, I've been listening to my rock playlist on shuffle. The first song it pulled up by random pick was "Dawn Over a New World." My computer knows me so well. Of course the five star rating I gave the song might have helped. ;D

Heidi C. Vlach said...

Ooh, Dragonforce and Final Fantasy. I like this combination of flavours!

Jaleh D said...

@Heidi Me too. They really go well together. I especially love how the Vegnagun scene was used with the opening piano sequence in Where Dragons Rule. Even the lyrics fit well with what was happening.

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