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Monday, October 3, 2011

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It's time for a new set of goals. Round 4 of ROW80 2011 starts today. After studying the kinds of goals other people had and how vague some of my goals had been, I'm starting off clearer and to more purpose. It also includes care of this blog and support to my fellow writers, since none of us exist in a vacuum.

1. Spend 1 hour every day working on a story task, whether writing new material on any WIPs or revising RRH.

2. Read and comment on a minimum of 5 posts each check-in.

3. Post on my blog 3 times a week, 1 of which must be a check-in.

4. Critique at least 2 posts each week on the SF/F crit forum over at Writer's Digest.

5. Have a specific smaller goal each week regarding my primary project.

This week's goal: Finish writing the beginning of RRH and connect it to the existing draft. Hoping that third time's the charm. Yes, this is attempt three. First two went to scrap file as they didn't fit overall character and story goals. Feeling good about this one, good enough that my crit group may actually get to see it. Currently, it's sitting at 1557 words. Another 500-1000 should get me where I need it to go.

And happy blog-o-versary! My blog is two years old now. It was technically last week, but I don't care. I'm impressed that I've kept it up this long, that I have more followers, and better yet, more readers. Thanks to all of you for supporting my endeavors.


Joshua said...

Good luck, lady. I'm just so slammed with everything right now that I couldn't sign up for this round. Maybe next time. As it is, I have the first part of a Blogfest that should go up Wednesday or Thursday and I'm stuck. Grr!

Good luck!!! And good writing.

Kelly Said said...

WooHoo! Mega-congrats on your TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :D

And wow, you've set some high goals for yourself, all the more fun to work hard and meet them ;) Good Luck ^_^

lauralynnelliott said...

Very good, reasonable goals. Good luck this round!

Nadja Notariani said...

Hi there, Jaleh! Good to see you're back for round four also! Your goals are clearly laid out. I like that. It's easy to see where we're going strong, and where we need to 'umph' it up as the round progresses. Ha! I've noticed that a lot more ROW's are posting their goals as they relate to fellow writers. I think this is great! This may be the most exciting and dynamic round yet! ~ Nadja

Em said...

I definately think it is the right path to have clear measurable goals. Ones you can tick off (if you are like me and have a geeky tracker!)

Good luck and enjoy our first week of Round 4!

raelynbarclay said...

Sounds like doable goals. Good luck with them. I look forward to getting to know you in round 4 :)

Jaleh D said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! It's tough while I get into a routine, but this should help me establish one.

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