Friday, October 21, 2011

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I just got back from seeing the new Three Musketeers movie. Loved it loved it loved it. Even though I went into it with knowing a few witty bits of dialog and "OMG Airships!" from the preview, it was fantastic from beginning to end.

Maybe later when I come down from my state of sheer giddiness, I'll think of things that maybe could have been done better, but right now I'd turn around and go watch it again if I had the time. My husband and I saw it in 2D, unsure of how the action was going to go (and 3D started too late to watch it today since I have to leave for work soon). But I think it will be phenomenal in 3D.

Other giddy news is that I've ordered 3 books by people I know and bought a gift card so I can order an ebook by a 4th.

Fangtales with a story by Kelly Said
Cassastar by Alex J. Cavanaugh
Darkfall by Janice Hardy
and the ebook will be Honor the Pack by Kaycee Looney


Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

With a rec like that, I hope it's good!

Kelly Said said...

Hi Jaleh!

Wow, long time no visit for me - apologies for that. Work has been crazy busy (sigh...).

Anyhooooo, I've totally been looking forward to that 3 Musketeers remake, so nice to see a glowing review for it! I don't know about watching it in 3D though - the last movie I saw in 3D was TRON: Legacy (very disappointing). Maybe this will redeem a 3D experience for me though, haha!

Aaaaand, I'm super excited to see what you think about Fangtales! :D :D :D

I hope you have a great day! See ya soon,

Kelly Said :)

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