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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Been a little busy 'round the dragon cave lately. Between cleaning, organizing, and catching up with old friends, I haven't had much time to get back to answering questions about steampunk. Still more to do, but the cave is looking less cluttered. The fairies are brighter, and the gnomes are humming while they work. We need more shelves around here, but I've gotten them better arranged to get things off the floor. Much nicer when we aren't tripping over things, don't you think? And I'll see about elaborating further on steampunk in my next post.

Last Wednesday, a couple of friendly neighborhood knights took me on, raw beginner that I am, to begin teaching me sword and shield. I didn't hurt all that much, but I had almost no energy the next day. I have another lesson this afternoon. We'll see how well how I keep up today. And least the pixies didn't snicker too much, and the knights both said I did well enough for my first time.

I'm off to do some reading and maybe a bit of gratitude baking. The knights are so patient; they deserve a treat of some kind. Maybe some fairie cookies or brownie biscuits. What do you mean, do they have real fairies and brownies in them? Of course not! Azuranna would flambe me. Oh, that was a joke? Ohhhh. Silly me. ;D

My writing goals are going to have to change. I pulled out my one completed story the other day and started working on revising it. So instead of a word count goal, it's going to be by scene. By Sunday, I want to finish the first scene. My other goals can stay the same.


Indigo Roth said...

Hey Jaleh! Swordplay? In the 'Hood? Sweet! You'll have to post some pictures, it sounds fun. May I have a Brownie Biscuit, please? (I don't mind what's in 'em) And a bit YES to progress on writing. I've been posting every day, but some of it took weeks to put together. And I keep thinking of cool hackery to do, which sounds simple but takes just as long! *sigh* Anyway, good luck with the scene! Indigo x

Jaleh D said...

*passes Indigo tray of treats* Help yourself. :D

No pics this week of me in armor, but we're planning another go round for next week. Then it'll be some time off while the knights head off for the annual Pennsic Wars. I hope they come back victorious. For Middle Kingdom!

Thanks for the luck. One of the fire lizards went and hung it up over my writing space where I'm sure it'll come in handy.

Carol Kilgore said...

Keep those goals at the forefront. You'll make them :)

David P. King said...

A scene goal? That's just brilliant! I'll have to try that and see how it goes. Thanks! :)

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