New computer! (and blog thoughts)

Monday, March 28, 2011

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Squiggly happy dance! I am on my way to go buy a new laptop at the Apple store in Buffalo. My iBook G4 is finally wearing out, but it has survived long enough that I can get files transferred over. I made backups of my documents, photos, and bookmarks (almost as important as the documents). Even though I could get a PC laptop for considerably cheaper, Macs just appeal to me more. The MagSafe power cord connection is just one significant selling point of the MacBook Pro. No yanking the laptop off its perch again because my feet snag the cord when I'm getting up. *sheepish look* The MagSafe ones just pop off. (Not that I plan to do that again, but I'll feel better anyway.)

New computer. Squeee!

For other news, I am shifting my posting schedule. Mondays just have not been working well, since they have turned into errand and activity days (my hubby's day off) and I don't get much chance to write stuff up on the weekend. But Wednesday/Friday feels like a lopsided week, so I will give Tuesday/Friday a try. I'm also considering some of those blog hop events. Meeting people is fun, and most of the hops seem to be on Fridays. Since I don't want to stop my regular feature or double up, I'll just alternate weeks. Please tell me if you have any favorite blog hops.


Hanny said...

It's always hard to find that time to post. On the other hand, it's hard not to spend 2 hours blogging!

Jaleh D said...

Blogging is fun, but family claims much of my weekend time.

Jai Joshi said...

I've been dying to do this for years and still haven't. Well done, girl. Good for you. And that mag cord is definitely cool.


Rahze said...

Actually, that's a very good point about the magsafe cord.. I think I'll likely stick with PC for my desktop but if I ever can afford a laptop and justify it will likely be a macbook. I am just enjoying getting to use one for free while my husband works for an authorized Apple reseller/service store. :) Maybe I'll get lucky and he can get rebuild a throw away some day.

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