First day of NaNo 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

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Sorry I'm so late with posting. I got dozy this morning after a bit of writing, took a nap, then awakened by kid's school saying he was feeling bad and needed picked up. Turns out they were being a bit paranoid. He's had a rash all weekend, but it was nearly gone. It flared up a bit from him scratching, and with his temp being up slightly and his throat looking red, they were afraid he had strep.

Doctor said nope. They can test throat swabs in 5 minutes now. Did you know that? I didn't. I remember they used to take a few days back when I was a kid. His doctor said that when kids are on an antibiotic, sometimes they get rashes from funky viruses and not to worry. He didn't need any other medicine. He also got the A-okay regarding the ear infection he'd had. That's all better.

Despite all the time eaters I've had today, I've managed to write a thousand words. After I put my son to bed, I'll get back to work to knock out another thousand. So far my writing stress level is still low. While I'm still using the delete key more than I probably should, I'm doing pretty well with not obsessing over phrasing, which slows me down.

Best of luck to my fellow Wrimos.


Jai Joshi said...

I'm glad the little one is ok. That's good to have the assurance of the doctor that everythings alright.

And well done on already doing so well on this first day of Nano!


Jaleh D said...

Thanks! I just finished with another 600 words. Now I'm heading to bed. The little one was still itchy at bedtime. The redness comes and goes, depending on how much he scratches. I hope it stays gone tomorrow.

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