Filk Friday: Firefly fanvid: Ballroom Blitz

Friday, February 25, 2011

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Today video is brought to you from the powers of browsing. It's not a filk vid like I usually post on Fridays, but it was too much fun to let it slide. The scene snippets were well chosen. And yes, Mal really did have a sword fight (over Inara's honor, no less) and in another episode ended up in the buff. Have a jiving time watching this teaser. Shiny!


Jai Joshi said...

I've still not watched any of Firefly but this really was funny. The end was hilarious, looked like one of the post modern paintings. My favourite bit was when he (Mal?) kissed that girl and then fainted because she did something to him.


Jaleh D said...

Yes, that was Mal who'd passed out. The girl had lipstick with a knockout drug in it. That's from the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds." She'd snuck on board and claimed Mal had married her on their last stop. The Mal-in-the-nude part is from a later encounter with the same girl in the episode "Trash."

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