Filk Friday: Wanna Be a Hero?

Friday, February 11, 2011

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Here are a pair of songs for people who think they want to be heroes: Space Hero and Advice for Would-Be Heroes. You can learn quite a bit from these two songs. Being a hero is not all it's cracked up to be. It's often work and not particularly pleasant.

Space Hero
has a wry humorous look at what might be in store for the hero wanna-be's by poking fun at heroic assumptions. Julia Ecklar and Anne Prathor sing this rendition. I like the one I have better, but I can't remember who sings it. Advice For Would-Be Heroes doesn't mock the wanna-be's, but it does have sound advice that can be applied not only to fantasy and science fiction but to real life as well. Despite the fact that we don't use horses and swords in combat much anymore, it still makes sense. Leslie Fish is the voice of Tarma from Oathbound.


Jai Joshi said...

The computer I'm on has no headphones. Doh! I'll come back and check these out.


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