Milestone fun and an easy contest

Monday, February 28, 2011

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Wow! I just noticed I picked up a new follower bringing me up to 50. (Hi, Melissa!) Even though a few of those 50 are inactive bloggers, it's still feels good to reach that milestone. I'm such a homebody even on the internet. I don't really go places where I'd pick up new readers. Since the first question that comes to mind when I spot a new person around here is "What brought you to my little pocket of the blogosphere?" that sounds like the perfect question for... a drawing!

Yes, that's right. Tell me how you found my page and what made you decide to add me to your blogroll, and you will be entered in the drawing for a $10 gift card to either Borders or Barnes & Noble, winner's choice. You have from now through Friday to share your comments. I will choose the winner in good ole luddite fashion: write the names down, put them in a hat, and pull one out. Check back on Monday to find out the lucky reader.

The winner will get the card, and I will get a current idea about what you enjoy about my blog. Sounds like a win-win to me!


Emily White said...

I decided to follow you because you are AMAZING! And such a good friend! Plus, the fairies told me they'd kill me if I didn't... :) :D

Jai Joshi said...

I knew you from writers digest forum and knew you were funny and interesting. Joining your blog and following your posts has been a great way to stay in contact with you and know what's rocking your work at any given time. I love your filk fridays!


Brandi Guthrie said...

I followed you home from the supermarket one day.

Lol. Not really, but that would make an interesting story. I got to know you in the Writer's Digest Sci-Fi/Fantasy forum.

Awesome drawing, btw!

Joshua said...

I'm pretty sure you can blame Emily White for the follow. Although, it could have been the sci-fi/fantasy label. But I'm thinking it was during Emily's short story contest last year. Maybe?

Regardless, sorry I've been standing (read: lurking) in the corner over here for a while. I'd taken a 6-month blogging break. So, hello. Again, I think.

Heidi C. Vlach said...

You know, I'm not sure how I found your little corner of webspace. Some other blogger linked to one of your posts, I just don't remember who it was or what they linked. Seems like that's how I find all my online reading material!

Jaleh D said...

Wow! This is a terrific response so far. It's fun to see the lurkers step out of hiding once in awhile. :D And even with some variety in how you got here: 3 forumites, a tag from a forumite, and a forgotten post link. Cool! I wonder who else will join the party. :D

Brad said...

I came over here from the WD forums, 'cause I like your writing, and you're a browncoat, and you've been very helpful answering my many questions about the SCA.
I've enjoyed being a part of it.:)

Emily White said...

Oh, how fun!!!! I brought you a follower!!! That's almost better than any prize! :)

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